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Taste of Nashville

VU Meal Plans provide you with a Meal Money Account (MMA) that can be used to purchase food at all on-campus restaurants and Markets, as well as at participating off-campus restaurants through the Taste of Nashville program.

You can check your balance or add to your Meal Money Account anytime by visiting the Commodore Card Office online or in 184 Sarratt.

Use your Commodore Card as you would a debit card at the following participating restaurants:








































































No. Your Commodore Card may not be used to purchase gift cards from ToN partner restaurants.


If you have an issue with your order, call the merchant to cancel your order, and then email a copy of your order stating you canceled and the reason to We will contact the merchant to verify and email you with further information.

Dine-In & Carryout

If you are incorrectly charged by a restaurant, bring a copy of your receipt from the restaurant and a copy of the charge to your card to the restaurant. Speak with a manager, explain the situation, and he/she will be able to issue you a refund. If you do not have a copy of the receipt from the restaurant, a copy of the charge to your card can be enough.

If you are unsuccessful, and require further assistance, please email and list the following information.

  1. Merchant/Restaurant you visited
  2. The date and time of the visit
  3. The reason you are requesting a refund (please list as much detail as you can recall)

A representative from Campus Dining will contact the merchant to verify the details you listed. Typically the merchant will take time to research the issue (this can take a few days). You will be contacted regarding actions taken.

Vanderbilt Campus Dining’s Taste of Nashville program has reached the maximum number of partner restaurants. We are not taking any more applications this semester. Please check back for future updates.