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Reserve Table Tents

Only Vanderbilt departments and Vanderbilt student groups may utilize the Rand Table Tents and the Commons Table Tents services.

Steps to reserve Table Tents:

1. Submit reservation requests to Campus Dining Marketing Manager Jessica Williams at

When requesting, please include:

  • name of organization
  • event name
  • event date
  • preferred location(s)
  • preferred reservation dates


Rand: 140 slots (2 organizations will reserve at one time at 70 slots each)

Commons: 140 slots (2 organizations will reserve at one time at 70 slots each)

EBI: 50 slots (2 organizations will reserve at one time at 25 slots each)

Kissam: 15 slots (1 organization will reserve at one time)

The Pub: 25 slots (1 organization will reserve at one time)

2. Once reserved, please send a proof of your organization’s table tent insert design for approval (MUST be 6.5″x4″)

3. Once approved, you are responsible for ordering and paying for your inserts through Vanderbilt Printing Services here: Printing Services – Digital Storefront – Tent Cards

  • if you do not want to order through Printing, you may print your own, but they MUST be printed on card stock.

4. You are responsible for inserting your organizations inserts into the table tents at the locations reserved beginning on the first day of your reservation. (Monday)*

  • Please place your insert in front of Campus Dining’s “Want to Advertise Here?” insert- please do not remove Campus Dining’s inserts

5. On the last day of your reservation (Sunday), you are responsible to remove your inserts from all locations.

  • Failure to remove the inserts in the allotted time, will result in the loss of privileges to reserve table tents for the remainder of the school year (2019-2020).**

*If there is another organization’s insert still left from the week before and it is your first day of your reservation, please notify Jessica Williams at

**Due to the popular demand of this free service no one office/group/department can reserve more than TWO times a semester.


If we do not have an opening for your preferred dates, you can be added as a substitute for that shift. If a shift becomes available we will contact you.