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Student Organizations: Collaborate With Us!

Our team is proud to partner with registered student organizations for collaborative events! Our culinary team loves working with students to create specialty menus and experiences for the student body.

Some past collaborations include:

Cultural Celebrations: We’ve partnered with organizations such as the Association of of Latin American Students, Black Student Association, Middle Eastern Student Association, and South Asian Cultural Exchange to create authentic recipes celebrating their heritage during special holidays.

Religious Observances: Though Campus Dining does not endorse any one religion, it is part of our mission to accommodate and serve students of all faiths when they face any specific religious dietary needs. One example is our partnership with the Muslim Student Association during Ramadan to ensure students have their dietary needs met during this season of fasting and to create comfort meals representing their culture.

Student Activities: Food is a great source of community and fun! We’ve worked with organizations like the Culinary Club and Vanderbilt Student Government on events such as Midnight Breakfast and the Student Chef Cookoff. We’ve also worked with Resident Advisors on pop-up events at residence halls!

These are just a few examples of what we’ve cooked up with student groups in the past. We would love to hear your ideas for collaboration and work together! If you’re interested, please read our FAQ section and fill out the introduction form below.

It’s important to note: collaborations don’t happen overnight. Our culinary and marketing teams require at least 6 school weeks’ notice to properly prepare and execute special events.



  • What type of student organizations does campus dining work with?
    • Our biggest priority is that our collaboration allows us to connect with students! If the collaboration in mind would allow for that, we’d love to explore the possibility of collaborating with your registered student organization.
  • What type of recipes should our student organization be looking for Campus Dining to execute?
    • When students are first considering which recipes to ask Campus Dining to replicate, they should think of comfort food or casual street food, as opposed to fine dining.
    • A very important consideration to make is scalability. When providing recipes, student organizations should consider whether a recipe can maintain its integrity when cooked for 1000+ students in a relatively short time span. Our chefs are very talented at what they do, but scalability eliminates some recipes from consideration for collaborations.
  • Considerations that student organizations make before filling out the form:
    • Meal frequency: How many meals would you like Campus Dining to prepare for your collaboration?
      • Examples of the meal frequency for past collaborations include singular meal periods, one meal every week of a month, and one meal every day of a week.
    • Programming: Is there an event your student organization is hosting that the meal can coincide with?
    • Dietary Restrictions: Are there specific ingredient considerations we should consider?
    • Student Participation: Collaborations can be extra effective if students act as station hosts during the meal period, serving as greeters. This is an opportunity for your organization to explain the dish being served.
    • Ingredient Limitation: We will do our best to create the menu you are looking for! However, sometimes we are unable to offer certain items due to allergen or supply limitations.
  • What is the timeline for a collaboration with Campus Dining?
    • Our collaboration required at least 6 school weeks to prepare and execute. We are unable to accept requests that do not allow enough time.
    • 6+ weeks out from event
      • Student reads the FAQ page and fills out the Google Form to set a meeting time with Campus Dining.
    • 6 weeks out from event
      • Student Organization reps meet with Campus Dining to plan collaboration.
    • 3-5 weeks out from event
      • Campus Dining tests recipes, sources ingredients, etc.
    • 2 weeks out from event
      • Campus Dining and Student Organization reps meet to finalize event details.