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Text & Tell

Introducing “Text & Tell”

“Text and Tell” is an in-the-moment communication system that allows you to communicate with our dining Chefs and staff via text message.

Whether you are curious about ingredients or want to share a dining comment or concern, “Text and Tell” allows you to share feedback and allows our staff to respond immediately.

Students are able to send a text rating of the quality of food, service and overall dining experience, and make suggestions on the spot without ever having to get up from your seat.

How did we do today? Text us what you think! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a new text message to “55744”
  2. In the body of the message, first type your dining hall’s specific code – see codes listed in the graphic to the right
  3. Then add your suggestion or comment. Examples include, “I wish there were more toppings on the salad bar” or “My dinner was amazing tonight!”