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Dietary Assistance

Vanderbilt University Campus Dining believes that proper nutrition is essential to good health

We are committed to nourishing each and every student by providing them with healthy, nutritious foods every day. We understand the impact food allergies can have on students as they exert more effort in managing their diets than their peers without allergies due to a more limited selection of options. We strive to support students with food allergies by providing the knowledge and resources necessary to empower students to make informed food choices in our dining locations.

Our objective is to provide students the tools and support they need manage their food allergy or food-related medical condition on campus. We take into account each individual student’s personal dietary needs and make every effort to accommodate those needs. This in turn allows our students to have a smoother transition into their new life at Vanderbilt University.

Vanderbilt University is committed to ensuring the safety of our diners with food allergies. This is why we have partnered with MenuTrinfo. MenuTrinfo provides guidance and support for allergen free dining. They oversee our policies, procedures, ingredient approval, staff training, and monthly allergen testing in our dining halls. With their help, Vanderbilt University has become a leader in allergen free dining, recently being awarded the 2023 Allertrain award for “Best Overall Food Allergy Program for Universities”.

Allergen Meal Program

Campus Dining has created an allergen meal program that accommodates our student with life threatening allergies that otherwise may not be able to dine at our campus locations. Allergen meals are prepared in a dedicated area of the Kitchen at Kissam by allergen trained cooks. Meals are available for pickup at Kissam, the Commons, Highlands, and Branscomb.

If you believe you qualify for dietary accommodations through campus dining, follow these steps:

  • Students seeking dietary assistance during the academic year should contact Student Access (SA) at with supporting medical documentation.
  • Student Access (SA) reviews and maintains dining related documentation. Please note this may take 7-10 business days.
  • If approved for dining accommodations by SA, the student will be formally referred to Campus Dining’s Registered Dietitian, Emily Svennevik at, to receive reasonable accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the dietitian after approval.
  • The dietitian will meet with the student to determine eligibility for the program. *Following these steps does not guarantee access to the ordering system. This decision will be made on a case by case basis.)
  • If determined eligible for the program, student and dietitian will discuss next steps.
  • The Registered Dietitian will continue to keep in close contact with the individual and check in periodically to monitor the process and provide assistance when required.

Our 2024-25 Food Allergy Action Plan