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Kosher & Halal Dining

Halal Dining

Students keeping halal will find the following information to support them:

  • All menu items containing pork, pork by-products (gelatin, etc) are labeled with our pork symbol.
  • Any menu items containing alcohol are labeled with the alcohol symbol.

Campus Dining makes every effort to not use alcohol in our menu items. There are rare instances that a sauce or pre-made ingredient will contain alcohol, but we try to avoid this. Campus Dining does use ingredients such as soy sauce or certain extracts that use alcohol as part of the extraction process. We have consulted with Ossama Bahoul, Ph.D. from the Center of Nashville, on including these ingredients in our cooking as evidenced by the article here: “Alcohol can be Halal (Allowed) in Islam”

These certain ingredients are not labeled with the alcohol symbol but alcohol can be found in the ingredient statement in NetNutrition.

We make every effort to ensure our whole muscle poultry and beef products are Halal. They are labeled in NetNutrition via the halal symbol. Current certificates are available upon request by emailing


Kosher Dining

Grins Vegetarian Cafe (2421 Vanderbilt Place) will welcome you on weekdays from 7:30am – 9:00pm and closing at 3:00pm on Fridays. Menu information found here: Grins Vegetarian Cafe

In addition to Grins. Cafe, Holy Smokes Kosher Food Truck is available for lunch and dinner Monday – Thursday, and lunch on Sunday. More information on their website here: Holy Smokes Kosher Food Truck

Take a look at the daily offerings on NetNutrition.