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Our Mission

About Vanderbilt Campus Dining

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is a non-profit university-managed auxiliary service. We take pride in our commitment to providing value through the highest quality, best-tasting, most nutritious and diverse menus possible. We embrace our role as builders of community. Food brings people together, creates a sense of place and a feeling of kinship. Food sustains not only our bodies, but also our communities and environment.

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is highly decorated, winner of many prestigious awards in the food service industry, including Best On-Site Food Service Operation in the Nation, Best Food Service Operator, the prestigious Ivy Award, and many more. Our team also consists of several award-winning, certified chefs.

We offer a comprehensive plan in 24 locations that include meals in a retail environment, to-go meals in our convenience stores, and offering flexibility through the use of Meal Money, Flex Meals and our unique local restaurant partners in Taste of Nashville.

Learn more about our Meal Plans, Meal Money and Flex Meals here.

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#6 Best Campus Food 2021

#7 Best Colleges with the Best Food 2019

Best Overall Food Allergy Program for Universities 2021




We take great pride in our sustainability efforts.

Vanderbilt University is an official Leanpath partner. Using Leanpath’s innovative technology, Vanderbilt Campus Dining is able to measure and record all pre and post-consumer waste to drive food waste reduction on our campus.

We compost all food and disposable products generated in the five dining hall locations. We also support the use of reusable water bottles on campus by removing bottled water and sodas from all Munchie Marts!

Learn more about the strides we are taking here.


Vanderbilt Campus Dining takes food safety and sanitation very seriously. We work closely with county health officials and are continually trained in the latest principles and regulations of food safety. Our facilities are inspected regularly to ensure compliance.

We serve large numbers of students in each of our facilities and we take every precaution necessary to ensure your health and safety. With this in mind, it is important that students also follow good sanitation practices in our service lines; please use the provided utensils for self-service foods.

All Vanderbilt Campus Dining Management are required to receive certification by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation ServSafe program.

We have a management position established to provide sole focus on food safety issues to assist management.

Food Safety and sanitation measures at Vanderbilt Campus Dining:

  • HOURLY food temperature logs
  • Continual food safety training for ALL staff
  • Sanitation Contest for employees. To ensure that our staff is compliant with all food safety and sanitation standards we have launched a department “Sanitation Contest.”
  • Sanitizer used on all counters and tables
  • Hand sanitizer sold in all campus markets