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Taste of Nashville Partner Application

Thank you for contacting us. Vanderbilt Campus Dining’s Meal Plan includes a program called Taste of Nashville. This program is intended to compliment the Vanderbilt Meal Plan and provides a variety of menu options in addition to on-campus dining. The Taste of Nashville program is, by design, targeted to a select number of restaurants near campus. The size of the program has matured over the past few years and future additions are dependent on the appropriate mix of on- and off-campus restaurants. Future growth will be limited to one or two restaurants determined by a student survey and added annually during the Vanderbilt summer break.

The Vanderbilt Campus Dining Meal plans are designed specifically for the Vanderbilt student in order to provide several on and off-campus options to use their Meal Plan and Meal Money. There are over 5,000 students enrolled in Meal Plans. The Meal Money account is the portion of the Meal Plan that can be utilized in the Taste of Nashville Program.

Consideration will be given to restaurants within a 10-minute walk from central campus or within a reasonable delivery radius. The restaurant’s primary business must be food service. Menu style, service type, and price point will be considered as well as a history of satisfactory Metro Health inspection scores.

Taste of Nashville is administered by Vanderbilt Campus Dining and processed by a third party service. Over 90% of meal plan customers are Vanderbilt undergraduate students. Transactions occur using the Meal Money account which contains the customer’s balance on their Commodore Card (the university-issued identification card). The Commodore Card is not to be confused with a credit card, debit card, or any other commercial payment method. The Commodore Card is the property of Vanderbilt University, and must be used in accordance with the rules and guidelines set forth in the student Code of Conduct. Restaurants are strictly forbidden from selling gift cards using the Commodore Card.

Vanderbilt Campus Dining does not actively solicit merchant members to Taste of Nashville. The university community is a small one, and additional merchants will affect the volume of existing members. Therefore, Vanderbilt Campus Dining will add merchants on a highly selective basis for the purpose of enhancing the student experience.

This application will be kept on file and used as one of the determining factors as we consider restaurants for addition to the program. You will be notified if additional information is needed. Please fill out the application below.

You will be sent proprietary financial information concerning the structure of the program. By signing this agreement, you are agreeing to keep this information strictly confidential. It is only to be shared with ownership and management who have a need to know this information. Thank you for your interest.

Taste of Nashville Partner Restaurant
Application of Interest

If yes, are these items certified or compliant with kosher requirements?

If yes, are these items certified or compliant with halal requirements?

If yes, are these items certified or compliant with gluten free requirements?

If yes, are these items certified or compliant with vegan/vegetarian requirements?


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