Only Vanderbilt departments and Vanderbilt student groups may utilize the Rand Table Tents and the Commons Table Tents services. Each group is responsible for inserting your tents.


SLOT 1 – Monday – Sunday (70 of the 140 napkin holders). Two groups reserve at a time at 70 each. January 7 – May 3, 2019.
SLOT 2– Reserved for Campus Dining

We have the right to refuse table tents due to content or appearance. Please be sure to have your tents printed ON CARDSTOCK and cut properly. We want your tents to appear professional and to look good in our dining rooms.


70 cardstock inserts for Rand and 70 for Commons: 6.5 ” horizontal  x 4.0″ vertical sheets. There are 140 napkin holders, however we limit yours to 70 so others have an opportunity.

You may use any color of paper you wish, but it must be on CARDSTOCK.

OPTION: Use Printing Services digital storefront to print your tents:×6.5-4up.aspx


If we do not have an opening for your preferred dates, you can be added as a substitute for that shift. If a shift becomes available we will contact you.


Due to the popular demand of this free service no one office/group/department can reserve more than TWO times a semester.


Please insert your table tents on the day of your reservation date (Monday or Thursday). When inserting we ask you remove the previous tent and recycle in the paper recycle containers in Rand and Commons.


Please email Campus Dining to make reservations. Please specify if you would like Rand or The Commons or both.

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