VU Meal Plans offer four meal plan periods each day. Only one meal from your meal plan may be used during a meal period (3 maximum per day for first-years). You may purchase an additional meal using Flex Meals.

Money from rollover, the Meal Money Account, or Commodore Cash can be used at any time.

NOTE: Meal Periods for all Meal Plans are:

Period Hours
Meal Period 1 (Late Night) 12am – 7am
Meal Period 2 (Breakfast) 7am – 11am
Meal Period 3 (Lunch) 11am – 4:30pm
Meal Period 4 (Dinner) 4:30pm – 11:45pm

Meals begin on Monday at 12:01 am each week.

Rollover is posted Sunday night and the rollover cap is $50/semester.

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