Flex Meals allow for plan customization and optimal flexibility.

Treat a guest, friend, or family member to a Meal at any VU Meal Plans location. And since you can use Flex Meals at any time regardless of meal periods, use one to get another meal during a meal period.

Flex Meals are offered to on-campus Meal Plan holders at the following prices:

10 Flex Meals — $82
15 Flex Meals — $121.50
20 Flex Meals — $160
25 Flex Meals — $197.50
30 Flex Meals — $234

Flex Meals are offered to off-campus Meal Plan holders with additional sales tax added to the prices above.

Flex Meals may be added to your plan at any time and do not expire*.
Flex Meals are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Add Flex Meals to your account today!

*Flex Meals expire when a student graduates.


NOTE: Graduate and Professional Students may add the Staff Meal Plan. Your student account will be charged.

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