Flex Meals allow for plan customization and optimal flexibility.

Treat a guest, friend, or family member to a Meal at any VU Meal Plans location. And since you can use Flex Meals at any time regardless of meal periods, use one to get another meal during a meal period.

Flex Meals are offered to on-campus Meal Plan holders at the following prices:

10 Flex Meals — $82
15 Flex Meals — $121.50
20 Flex Meals — $160
25 Flex Meals — $197.50
30 Flex Meals — $234

Flex Meals are offered to off-campus Meal Plan holders with additional sales tax added to the prices above.

Flex Meals may be added to your plan at any time and do not expire*.
Flex Meals are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

NOTE: Graduate and Professional Students may also add Flex Meals. Your student account will be charged.

Add Flex Meals to your account today!

Flex Meals that come with Meal Plans expire at the end of each semester and are depleted before additionally purchased Flex Meal bundles.

*Flex Meals expire when a student graduates.

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