2019 – 2020 Campus Dining Meal Plans

2019 – 2020 First-Year Plan (21) The 19 The 14 The 8
Requirement for… First-year students Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Meal Money per Semester $200 $275 $275 $325
Price per Semester $2,933 $2,904 $2,586 $1,735


  • Juniors may upgrade to the 19
  • Seniors may upgrade to the 14 or 19
  • Off-campus students may purchase the 8, 14 or 19


  • No plan is specific to Residential College residents; each plan requirement is based on class year and residential status
  • Meal periods will be eliminated, enabling students to dine at times convenient to their schedules
  • 5 Guest meals are included may be used to treat guests or donated to students needing additional meals
  • Rollover will be replaced with additional $50 in meal money, incentivizing students to not miss meals and to dine on campus
  • Students residing off-campus have the ability to purchase Flex Meal bundles


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