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Policies & Client Responsibility


  • To schedule our catering and event services, please fill out this form and an event manager will contact you within 24 hours.
  • If your event is less than 5 days out please contact our offices at (615) 32-CATER or 2-2837 on-campus.
  • Please remember to instruct your sales associate in advance if anyone in your party has specific dietary needs or restrictions.


  • The event space must be reserved prior to starting a contract with VUCE
  • Please ensure that the building and event space is unlocked, or card access is granted, 2 hours prior and 1 hour after the event time, to allow for delivery, set-up and clean-up.
  • Larger events may require a customized access schedule.


  • $250 food minimum for delivery Monday – Friday, $750 minimum Saturday & Sunday
  • Our menu prices are based on the current market conditions, prices may fluctuate until a signed contract is received.
  • A Late Fee of 15% will apply if the event is requested within 72 hours of the event date. Additional charges for staffing may also be incurred.



Guaranteed attendance must be received by 3pm on Tuesday the week prior to your event. If a guarantee is not received, your last estimate becomes your guarantee. Guest counts cannot decrease after the final guarantee is given. Minor increases can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, depending on product and service availability.


  • VUCE is committed to the success of a scheduled and confirmed event. In the event of a situation beyond human control, not induced by negligence, VUCE will not be held responsible. Inclement weather is not a valid cause for cancellation of an event under contract.
  • Should it be necessary for you to cancel your event, VUCE reserves teh right to impose a cancellation fee based on the following scale.  We require all cancellations to be in writing and received by our office at
    • 7 calendar days prior to event – No charges incurred with the exception of special order food items or rental costs incurred by VUCE
    • 4-7 calendar days – 50% of total contract
    • 48 hours-4 days- 75% of total contract
    • Less than 48 hours – 100% of total contract
  • Additional fees for losses incurred by VUCE due to secondary vendor cancellation policies will be the responsibility of the client.


  • Bartenders are licensed and follow all university and student center policies regarding alcohol services.
  • Clients are responsible for the purchase of all alcohol, separate from the catering contract. Please see below for our coordination capabilities.
  • We do not serve alcohol at an event without both food and non-alcoholic beverages being served.
  • We are unable to offer “cash bar” services.
  • Due to liabilities for “self-serve” VUCE will not provide any products for the bar. Student Centers do not allow self-serve alcohol.

Transport of alcohol

  • If a client chooses to use Red Spirits and Wine, we will facilitate the ordering and delivery process which will include transportation of the alcohol to the event.
  • If a client chooses to purchase the alcohol from any other source, they will be responsible for brining the alcohol to VUCE prior to the event or to the event site at a minimum of 2 hours prior to the event start time.
  • Any remaining alcohol must taken with the client at the conclusion of the event or coordinated with the Events Manager ahead of time to be transported back to the VUCE office for temporary storage
  • All Product must be picked up within 3 business days of the event date or it will be discarded. VUCE does not provide long-term alcohol storage.

In accordance with state health regulations, perishable leftovers may not be taken from the event and will not be packaged for removal off premises. VUCE will not be held responsible for food items removed without our knowledge or prior consent. 


  • A Vanderbilt University COA string is required for all VU departments to confirm the catering contract.
  • For External clients (including VUMC), credit card payment equal to the contract total is required 24 hours prior to event start.  Checks are accepted but must be hand delivered to VUCE office 24 hours prior to the event.
  • The signed contract is an estimate and may increase at final billing depending upon requested changes that occur during your event.

Event Coordination Fees

  • A 15% fee is applied to the total contract when VUCE leads the event coordination which includes full event design, planning, coordinating and production (excluding programming).
  • Please contact your Event Manager for more information

External Payments Fee

  • All external clients will be assessed an 11% fee on the total contract to offset additional taxes levied against the university for non-university revenue.