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Ten Colleges with the Best Dining Halls – We Are #7

Posted by on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 in Uncategorized.

After a mouth-watering meal, it feels like you can do anything—even tackle that tricky Linear Algebra concept. Food motivates us to finish that last physics problem. Food distracts us from writing a 10-page essay. And most importantly food brings us together to share meaningful time and conversations. But not all dining halls and the food that comes out of them are created equally. When a college provides top notch food at the school’s dining halls, students consider it the cherry on top of an already great college experience. And the best ones have it all: a diverse menu, vegan and vegetarian options, numerous dining commons, long hours and sustainable practices.

Check out the top 10 dining halls that actually make you look forward to the special of the day.