If you have an issue with your order, call the merchant to cancel your order, and then email a copy of your order stating you canceled and the reason to We will contact the merchant to verify and email you with further information.


Dine-In & Carryout

If you are incorrectly charged by a restaurant, bring a copy of your receipt from the restaurant and a copy of the charge to your card to the restaurant. Speak with a manager, explain the situation, and he/she will be able to issue you a refund. If you do not have a copy of the receipt from the restaurant, a copy of the charge to your card can be enough.

If you are unsuccessful, and require further assistance, please email and list the following information.

  1. Merchant/Restaurant you visited
  2. The date and time of the visit
  3. The reason you are requesting a refund (please list as much detail as you can recall)

A representative from Campus Dining will contact the merchant to verify the details you listed. Typically the merchant will take time to research the issue (this can take a few days). You will be contacted regarding actions taken.

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