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Are you a student and want a part-time job during your time at Vanderbilt? Work for Campus Dining!

When you become part of the Vanderbilt Campus Dining team you get more than a paycheck. You get valuable experience that can help long after graduating from Vanderbilt University.

Vanderbilt Campus Dining offers a high-energy environment for those students who are interested in gaining practical job experience while attending Vanderbilt. Students gain valuable skills and establish a strong work ethic in a real world environment. We offer positions with competitive wages, incentives, flexible hours, opportunities for advancement, yearly wage increases and great working atmosphere. Qualifies for Federal Work Study.

Check out our perks and benefits:

  • Starting pay $12/hour
  • 8 to 20 hours a week schedule – flexibility
  • Valuable experience – great resume builder
  • Great place to meet people
  • Work with your peers
  • Qualifies for Federal Work Study


“If you want to make extra money but think you’re too busy for a job, think again. With my job at Rand I’m able to work enough to pay my bills, while still working toward a double-major, serving as an officer in my fraternity, and doing club rowing. It’s a fun job with a lot of freedom that pays better than any job on campus. And it looks great on the resume!”
Dan Taylor, Former Student Manager

“Dining has helped me pay my way through Vanderbilt as the highest paying job on campus, while not impeding my hectic schedule and also offering me a leadership position that looks great on my medical school applications.”
Stanton Elsrod, Former Student Manager

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