Vanderbilt Campus Dining wouldn’t be what it is without our dedicated team members. Both students and full-time staffers keep things running smoothly from year to year. We want to recognize our team members and thank them for their years of dedicated service to Vanderbilt Campus Dining and to the Vanderbilt community!

Thank you, Willie Strain, for 52 years of service!

2016-17 Notable Service Awards:

Nicole Maguire 5
Joel Platt 5
Latasha Brown 5
Jimmy Clark 5
Michael Ferral 5
Jim Madison 5
Reggie Phillips 5
Elon Washington 5
Oscar Obregon 5
Wael Samwill 5
Ryan Krech 5
James Beasley 5
Kim Ingram 5
Austin Irvin 5
Luchia Ghebrezgabher 10
Stephenson Osunlalu 10
Christy Ridley 10
Adam Sharpe 10
Anne Alukonis 10
LaDonis Owens 10
Angela Alderman 15
Steve Hevland 15
Lawrence Johnson 20
Angela Thomas 25
Diana Johns 45
Barbara Mitchell 45