Our Culinary Team Taking care of your student

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is much more than food service. They think of themselves as your student’s “kitchen away from home.” Vanderbilt Campus Dining has recruited amazing culinary talent. Vanderbilt Campus Dining chefs are able to incorporate their fine dining culinary background into the college food service environment by using familiar ethnic-driven cuisines that provide diverse flavor profiles. The university community has been an excellent platform for them to experiment with different cuisines.

Highlighting the Chefs

Executive Chef Aaron Dilts is a graduate of The Art Institute where he graduated with honors. He has metaled in four ACF Competitions (1 bronze and 3 silver). Chef Dilts has worked in college dining for 10 years is currently the Executive Chef/Assistant Director


Sydney Smith, Chef de Cuisine, Rand Dining Center, Campus Dining  (Vanderbilt University / Steve Green)

Jeremy Delaneuville, Chef de Cuisine, Commons, Campus Dining (Vanderbilt University / Steve Green)

Steve Gitschlag, Chef de Cuisine, Catering & Events

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