Vanderbilt Campus Dining has apps for iOS and Android!

  • Campus Dining: The Campus Dining app is the best way to get accurate information about when, where, and what to eat on the Vanderbilt campus. Complete with the What’s Open feature, complete hours of operation, daily menus, restaurant/market descriptions, Taste of Nashville, special events, social media, meal plan information, campus maps and more… it’s a must-have.
  • Nutrition: The online Nutrition Calculator in app form. Review the nutrition information for the foods served at any of our on-campus locations, adjust toppings and condiments, and build a meal! Organized by Restaurant, Food Group, and Food, you are able to review nutrition information presented in both gram/milligram and percent daily value format. Food details include diet and allergy concerns as well as ingredients. Apply filters to highlight foods that fall within specific nutritional ranges (i.e., between 0 and 20 calories), and restrict the results to foods meeting certain dietary choices (i.e., vegetarian, not soy allergy). Or search for a food directly by name and see when and where it is served. After configuring any toppings/condiments that may be available, add the food to your meal, and review your entire meal total to gain perspective on your dietary choices. And if you eat particular foods on a regular basis, favorite them to expedite future build-a-meal sessions
  • Menus: Review the menus for all of Vanderbilt Campus Dining on-campus restaurants. See what is being served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner today or a few days from now at any of our many locations.

Download these apps on the App Store and on Google Play by following the links below.

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