What is a defined meal?

Each location has a different defined meal that varies based on menu offerings. All options will be outlined in signs available in each concept.

What if I want more food than is considered a ”defined” option?

Any purchase that is not included as part of the defined meal will be charged the appropriate retail price and may be paid for from your Commodore Cash or Meal Money Accounts. A benefit of the rollover and meal money is the ability to have larger meals or additional items by utilizing the “money” added from these programs.

Are there vegetarian or special diet options?

Every station has vegetarian and low-fat options. If you are on a special or restricted diet, please e-mail our staff dietitian Meredith Williams meredith.williams@vanderbilt.edu to help guide you through your choices.

Can I take food with me?

Yes. Since each meal is defined and you pay for any items that aren’t included, you may take out all the items that are included in your plan or paid for individually. The exceptions are Commons Dining and Saturday Brunch at Rand. In an effort to build community and maintain a green facility, Commons Dining does not offer carry out containers.

How can I find out my account status?

The Commodore Card Office has a great website that allows you to view your account status online: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/commodorecard/

What’s the difference between Commodore Cash and the Meal Money Account?

These are two different accounts with separate funds. Learn more about Commodore Cash (CC) and the Meal Money Account (MMA) on their own pages.

Will I lose money left in my account each semester?

Money in Commodore Cash will roll over every semester until graduation or withdraw, and then any amount over $10 will be refunded. Funds in the Meal Money Account not used by the end of the spring semester each year will not be refunded.

What if I have to withdraw from the University? Do I get a refund?

In the event of withdrawing from the University, refunds are prorated according to University guidelines and adjusted based on remaining Meal Money balance.

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