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Vanderbilt Campus Dining brings nutrition online!

Nutrition CalculatorNutrition Calculator

Build a meal from any of the restaurants on campus with the Nutrition Calculator. Calculate calories, fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, and so much more with this robust and highly customizable tool! Plan meals ahead of time or review what you had for lunch. It’s easy to use and really cool!

Visit the Nutrition Calculator site.

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is continually changing our offerings and is in the process of obtaining the most up-to-date nutrition information.

Are you a Vanderbilt student and want to speak with a Registered Dietitian?

Vanderbilt Campus Dining’s on-campus registered dietitian is here to help you. Dianne Davis, RD has been with Vanderbilt since 1989 and can help you choose healthy meals that meet your dietary needs. The only requirement is that you are a Vanderbilt student, so go ahead… Ask the Dietitian!


Students with dietary concerns involving gluten-free foods should review our Gluten Free Selections page for more information.

USDA’S Choose My Plate

Learn more about the criteria for a healthy meal at

Allergy and Individual Dietary Accommodations Protocol

Vanderbilt University is a residential campus, and part of the residential experience is the participation in VU Meal Plans. This commitment to residential meal plans is clearly expressed in the University’s residential requirement:

“First-year students living on campus are required to participate in The First Year Meal Plan.”
(2015-2016 Student Handbook)

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is committed to offering students dietary choices that fit their needs. We offer a wide variety of culinary choices; however, we realize that food allergies are a serious matter.

Students seeking dietary assistance year should submit the appropriate paperwork with supporting medical documentation. It is important that the information given be as complete as possible. Students should explain their special needs in detail and explain what is required for Vanderbilt Campus Dining to meet their special needs.

All professional documentation must be submitted to Julie Crider, Communications Manager, Vanderbilt Campus Dining, 110 21st Avenue South, Suite 1120, Baker Building, Nashville, TN 37212. Materials may be faxed to (615) 343-9477 or e-mailed to

Students and caregivers should be aware that this information will be reviewed and evaluated by appropriate University officials. All information provided with this request will be kept confidential.