VU Meal Plans offer four meal plan periods each day. Only one meal from your meal plan may be used during a meal period (3 maximum per day). You may purchase an additional meal using one of your Flex Meals.

Money from rollover, the Meal Money Account, or Commodore Cash can be used at any time.

NOTE: Meal Periods for all Meal Plans are:

Period Hours
Meal Period 1 (Late Night) 12am – 7am
Meal Period 2 (Breakfast) 7am – 11am
Meal Period 3 (Lunch) 11am – 4:30pm
Meal Period 4 (Dinner) 4:30pm – 11:45pm

Meals begin on Monday at 12:01 am each week.

Rollover is posted Sunday night and the rollover cap is $50.

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