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If you have catering needs for Sarratt Student Center or The Commons – you are in the right place! Campus Catering  is the quick and easy way to cater your meeting or gathering. Call (32)2-2837 to place your order.

  • Bottled Water (16oz.) $1.50/each
  • Coffee (Decaf) $1.50/each
  • Coffee (Decaf) To Go (8 servings) $12.00/each
  • Hot Tea $1.00/each
  • Iced Tea $1.00/each
  • Soda (12oz. – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite) $1.25/each
  • Juice $1.50/each
  • Fruit Tea $1.50/each
  • Fruit Punch $1.00/each
  • Lemonade $1.00/each
  • Hot Cider $1.50/each
  • Hot Chocolate $1.50/each
  • Fruit Tray (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $3.25/each
  • Yogurt & Berry Parfait with Granola (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $3.99/each
  • Biscuits and Jam (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $1.00/each
  • Biscuits with Sausage (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $2.00/each
  • Biscuits with Chicken (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $2.00/each
  • Biscuits with Turkey Sausage (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $2.00/each
  • Biscuits with Ham (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $2.00/each
  • Ham, Egg and Cheese Croissant (serves 1, minimum of 6 required) $2.75/each
  • Breakfast Burrito (serves 1, minimum of 6 required – with eggs, sausage and cheddar cheese) $2.75/each
  • Danishes (half dozen) $7.50/each
  • Muffins (half dozen) $7.50/each
  • Sweetbreads (half dozen) $7.50/each
  • Bagels and Cream Cheese (half dozen) $10.50/each
  • Breakfast Bar $1.25/each
  • Fruit-Flavored Yogurt $1.75/each
  • Whole Fruit $1.00/each
A minimum purchase of 12 is required.

  • $7.50/eachDeli Platter (thin shaved oven roast turkey, peppered roast beef, and baked ham, sliced provolone, Swiss, and cheddar cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, onion and pickles, mayo and mustard, San Francisco-style sourdough, hearty rye, and seven-grain bread)
    Deli Platter Add-Ons:
    • add chips ($1.50 extra)
    • add pasta salad ($2.25 extra)
    • add green salad ($2.25 extra)

  • $7.95/eachPicnic Meal (buns and condiments with potato chips and brownies)
    Picnic Meal Choices:
      • Hamburgers (with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions)
      • Hot Dogs (with diced onion, pickle relish, and shredded cheese)

  • $8.25/eachPizza Meal (choose any 4 of the below pizzas; meal includes tossed green salad and brookies)
    Signature Pizzas: (choose up to 4 types of pizzas)
    • Pepperoni, Sausage & Bacon
    • Feta, Spinach & Tomato
    • Mushroom, Olive & Roast Chicken
    • Pepperoni, Mushroom & Asiago Cheese
    • BBQ Chicken & Onion
    • Cheese Pizza
    • Pepperoni Pizza
    • Sausage Pizza

  • $7.95/eachBBQ Meal (pulled BBQ pork with bun, diced onion, sliced pickles and extra sauce, chips, coleslaw and cookies)
  • $6.75/eachPasta Meal (a bowl of our Caesar salad, baked vegetarian ziti, garlic bread sticks, and cookies)
  • $7.95/eachTaco-Nacho Bar (seasoned beef with flour tortillas and tortilla chips, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, jalapeno peppers and salsa; refried beans, Spanish rice and brownies)
Can choose up to 3 options with a minimum of 6 total sandwiches

  • $7.50/eachBoxed Sandwiches (all boxed sandwich meals include: chips; apple; and choice of brownie, brookie or cookie; condiments; and cutlery)
    Sandwiches: (choose up to 3 types of sandwiches)
    • Turkey and Cheddar on Sourdough
    • Ham and Swiss on Rye
    • Roast Beef on Sourdough
    • Vegetable on Wheat
    • Club on Hoagie Roll
    • Chicken Salad Croissant
    • Roast Chicken Wrap on Tomato Tortilla


    • Brownie
    • Brookie
    • Cookie

A minimum purchase of 6 is required.

  • $7.95/eachCaesar Salad(traditional salad of hearts of romaine, parmesan cheese, garlic croutons, and caesar dressing)
    • with grilled chicken ($2.00 extra)

  • $7.95/eachCrunchy Thai Salad(with red cabbage, bok choy, peppers, scallions, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, hearts of palm, and mint)
    • with grilled chicken ($2.00 extra)

  • $7.95/eachFarm Salad(with baby greens, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, artichoke hearts, roasted Portobello’s and balsamic vinaigrette)
    • with grilled chicken ($2.00 extra)

A minimum purchase of 2 is required. Each pizza is 16-inches and serves 4-6 people.

  • $10.50/eachPepperoni, Sausage & Bacon
  • $9.50/eachFeta, Spinach & Tomato
  • $9.50/eachMushroom, Olive & Roast Chicken
  • $10.50/eachPepperoni, Mushroom & Asiago Cheese
  • $9.50/eachBBQ Chicken & Onion
  • $7.50/eachMake-Your-Own Pizza(choosing no additional toppings below effectively orders a cheese pizza)
    Pizza Toppings:
    • Extra Cheese ($1.00 extra)
    • Pepperoni ($1.00 extra)
    • Sausage ($1.00 extra)
    • Olives ($1.00 extra)
    • Peppers ($1.00 extra)
    • Onion ($1.00 extra)
    • Chicken ($1.00 extra)
    • Bacon ($1.00 extra)
    • Roasted Peppers ($1.00 extra)
    • Gorgonzola ($1.00 extra)
    • Mushrooms ($1.00 extra)
    • Ham ($1.00 extra)
    • Pineapple ($1.00 extra)
    • Jalapenos ($1.00 extra)
    • Feta Cheese ($1.00 extra)
    • Asiago Cheese ($1.00 extra)

Prices are per serving; a minimum of 6 servings per item is required.

  • $2.95/eachVegetable Tray(with chipotle ranch dip)
  • $4.00/eachCheese Platter(with cheddar, Swiss, and pepper-jack cheese; with fruit garnish and crackers)
  • $3.25/eachFruit Tray
  • $1.00/eachWhole Fruit
  • $1.75/eachChicken Tenders(with honey mustard and BBQ sauce)
  • $3.95/eachHummus(with pita bread)
  • $2.25/eachChips and Onion Dip
  • $3.25/eachTortilla Chips and Salsa
  • $1.00/eachM&M’s
By the half dozen.

  • $7.50/eachAssorted Cookies(chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, sugar, and double chocolate cookies)
  • $7.50/eachBrownies
  • $7.50/eachBrookies
  • $9.00/eachCupcakes
  • $7.50/eachOreo Rice Krispy Treats
  • $12.00/eachChocolate-Dipped Strawberries
  • $10.50/eachAssorted Mini Dessert Pastries
  • $9.00/eachCherry Bars
  • $9.00/eachLemon Bars
  • $2.00/eachDecorate Your Own Cupcake Bar(price is per person)
  • $40.00/eachCelebration Cake(for birthdays or other occasions – half sheet)
  • $80.00/eachCelebration Cake(for birthdays or other occasions – whole sheet)
Customers should visit Chef James Bistro inside Rand Dining Center or Chef’s Table inside the Food Gallery at The Commons Center and ask for a manager.
These menus are for events that take place in The Commons and Sarratt Student Center and there is no delivery charge for orders delivered to rooms within these buildings. For venues outside of The Commons Center and Sarratt Student Center, please refer to the VUC website for menus and delivery charges.
Vanderbilt Campus Catering accepts two types of payment:

  • University customers can provide their Account Number and Center Number during checkout.
  • All customers may opt to pay with credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard.