Vanderbilt Campus Dining wouldn’t be what it is without our dedicated team members. Both students and full-time staffers keep things running smoothly from year to year. We want to recognize our team members and thank them for their years of dedicated service to Vanderbilt Campus Dining and to the Vanderbilt community!

50 Years

Willie Strain-Rand

Over 35 Years

Antoinette Hicks- Rand (36)

David Shannon- Rand (36)

Maxine Ebanks- Markets (38)

Carrie Robinson- Markets (38)

Linda Sharpe- Rand (39)

35 Years

Dwight Briley- Rand

Oscar Cole- Commons

Over 30 Years

Thelma Boyd- Bamboo Bistro (31)

Deborah Gordon- Commons (33)

James Knight- Rand (33)

Peggy Perkins- Commons (34)

Over 25 Years

Johnny Woods- McTyeire (26)

Mary Anderson- Markets (28)

Tammy Southall- Rand (28)

Brenda Owens- Markets (29)

15 Years

Timothy Beard- Catering

Carol Nelson- Last Drop

Spiros Vergatos- Markets

Alice Williams- Rand

10 Years

Angela Lavender- Rocket Subs

Mark Picardo- Rand

Jenelle Spicer- Catering

Chris Farmer- Markets

5 Years

Thomas Allen- Catering

Barbara-Ann Avery- Rand

Lorraine Burnett- Commons

Carla Cox- Last Drop

Aaron Dilts- Rand

Chris Ferguson- Rocket Subs

Clem Fisher- Varsity Towers

Kyle Gaither- Catering

Sung Han- Rand

Lynn Hudson- Commons

Garrett Johnson- Markets

Mildred Jordan- Commons

Sheila Joy- Varsity Towers

Chris Kennedy- Admin

Gene Kibler- Rand

Sunshine Lasart- Rand

Jacqueline Manning- Commons

Tracy McAdams- Rand

Charlene McPherson- Rand

Jerry Mitchell- Pub

Saba Nega- Rand

Ralph Pegues- Rand

Craig Pennell- Commons

James Plunkett- Common Grounds

Jodi Roheiler- McTyeire

Alfreda Russell- Marketplace

John Watson- Commons

Julia Welch- Commissary