Community Involvement Vanderbilt Campus Dining and the Community

Food Donation Programs

Vanderbilt Campus Dining is proud to work in conjunction with our students in a food donation program to benefit the Dimas House. Located on 16th Street, just two blocks from The Commons Center, the Nashville Dismas House quest is to ease the transition of men and women recently released from prison. The house provides food and shelter, and establishes a support group for the ex-inmates by helping them apply for work and acquire literacy and computer skills.

Nashville Rescue Mission – Vanderbilt Campus Dining’s General Managers and Chefs make every effort to donate leftover cooked food to the mission to provide nutritious, wholesome food to Nashville’s needy.


Employee Work Programs at Vanderbilt Campus Dining

Vanderbilt Campus Dining works with Progress Inc. by employing their members at our dining facilities. Progress is a not-for-profit agency committed to enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities and encouraging their full participation in community life. Progress works to empower each individual with the skills and direction vital to achieve that person’s vision by providing unique supports and facilitating personal choices toward the realization of individual goals at work and in the community.

We also work in conjunction with Goodwill to employ job-seekers in our restaurants. The Goodwill staff works one-on-one to devise a plan that is customized to the employment goals and abilities of the individual.


Campus Dining donates used fry oil to the Alternative Energy Club for the purpose of making biodiesel.